Here to make you Look 
Art and design have always been huge influences in my life, from drawing on the living room walls in purple marker as a kid (sorry mom!) to learning from the locally legendary Dennis Detoye in high school, and finally studying studio art and graphic design in college and many continuing certificate programs. 
I am passionate about user-friendly design, color as a mood influencer, and a teensy bit obsessive about typography. I have ample experience working with a wide variety of brands and businesses from therapists to food service to nonprofits  
I like to mix it up, so lucky for me, I've been able to work on a wide variety of things including extensive photo editing and retouching, brand development, logo and identity design, illustration, in-store retail marketing, book design, event materials, direct marketing, and both from-scratch and template-based web design among others. Over the years, I've been part of some great teams, where I worked with and led a variety of incredibly talented folks, and now can draw upon a robust community of fellow creatives for collaboration and inspiration.
For creative project inquiries or commissioned artwork, get in touch here or connect with me on LinkedIn.
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